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The purpose of the Ballroom Dance Club of Kokomo is to provide an environment in which its member and guests can enjoy ballroom dancing. Further, the Club will commit itself to provide professional dance instruction, semi-monthly informal practice dances, and will sponsor two semi-formal dances with live music each year.



Instructions and dancing are typically held at the Senior Citizens Center, Kokomo, Indiana. Practice dances will normally be held twice a month. Events may be held at other facilities if approved by the Board of Directors.



Membership is available to interested adults. Membership is necessary to vote for nominated officers or on any club issue which may require a membership vote. Attendees of lessons, semi-formals, or practice dances that provide their email address or their home address and phone number are members of the club.



Any active member may be elected to hold the offices of president, vice president, secretary, or treasurer. Election of officers will be held in December of each year with new officers assuming their elected positions on the first of January.

The normal term of officer shall be one tear unless otherwise agreed upon by the Board of Directors.

The Ballroom Dance Club of Kokomo officers shall consist of:



He/She/They shall call and conduct Regular, Executive, and Board of Directors meetings and make committee assignments in conjunction with the Board Members.


Vice President

He/She/They shall assume the duties of the Presidents when they are absent.

He/She/They will make arrangements of use of the Senior Citizen Center for all scheduled events and confirm the arrangements in writing. He/She/They will be responsible to the Board for the coordination of all marketing activities for the Club. This will include print, broadcast, and electronic media.



He/She/They shall take the minutes of all Board of Directors meetings and publish an annual calendar of events to the membership. He/She/They will handle all internal correspondence and maintain a club roster of all members. He/She/They will be responsible for dance class review video creation and distribution.



He/She/They shall collect all money (i.e., practice-dance admissions, group-lesson fees, semiformal dance ticket money, soft-drink and coffee fund, and gifts) and pay all expenses incurred by the club. He/She/They will maintain the club's financial records and present reports from them when reqested. He/She/They will maintain the club non profit status in good standing.


Executive Board

The Executive Board will consist of the elected officers listed in Article IV. The duties of the Executive Board will be to determine the number of additional board members and to appoint them with their consent. The elected officers and appointed board members will constitute The Board of Directors.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors will help establish committees for the operation of the Ballroom Dance Club of Kokomo.



Any active member may chair and serve on committees. Committee chairpersons will be selected by the Board of Directors.


Dance Lessons

Group dance lessons will be held twice each year (Spring and Fall) with a professional dance instructor. The aim is to provide two 8-week sessions of instruction.


Rules of Conduct

In order the use the Kokomo Senior Center facility, dance club members and persons attending dances at the facility must abide by Kokomo Senior Center rules & regulations. Kokomo Senior Center membership is required to participate in classes, practice dances or semi-formal dances.



These Bylaws must be amended or revised by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors.

Standing Rules

Ballroom Dance Club of Kokomo


The admission price for the semimonthly informal practice dances will be $5.00 per person and will be collected at the door. This money will be used to offset the facility rental.


Ticket price for the semiformal dances will be established by the Board of Directors.


The cost per couple for the spring and fall group lessons will be determined by the Board of Directors. It will be based on the facility cost at the time and the actual instruction cost, which will be negotiated with  the dance instructor. Typically, the dance instructor is paid one half at the start of the lessons and one half on the final night of the lessons.


Suggested marketing activities will be provided by Mike O'Hair


The club treasurer will present a written report to The Board of Directors at each meeting of that board. Also, the treasurer's records will be audited by selected board members prior to the taking of office by a newly elected treasurer.


A floral tribute or an equivalent memorial contribution will be sent upon the death of a member. A sympathy card will be sent upon the death of a family member.


These Standing Rules may be amended or revised by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

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